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We have dealt with many driving schools over the years. Mid-Island has provided us with competent professional instructors, quality and clean automobiles and reliable service.

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Smithtown Central School District

To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that Mid-Island Driving School is bidding for the in-car portion of Driver Education in your district. They have had the bid in Smithtown School District for the past several years. I have been coordinating the program for Smithtown. Larry Germano and Mid-Island Driving School have provided excellent service to our students. We have dealt with many driving schools over the years. Mid-Island has provided us with competent professional instructors, quality and clean automobiles and reliable service. We have had our share of problems with driving schools over the years. Mid-Island has been a breath of fresh air for us. They respond to all concerns, questions and complaints in a timely fashion and professional manner. They have my highest recommendation.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Paster
Driver Education Coordinator

Suffolk County Community College

I am pleased to recommend Mid-Island Driving School for the in-car portion of Driver Education programs. I have been using Mid-Island driving school as my in-car provider of the Driver Education at Suffolk County Community College for 10 years. During our association I found their work to be both professional and punctual.

Larry the owner has a keen sense of what is necessary to support a top notch Driver Education Program. He is constantly working with his staff to make sure that our students receive the proper instruction in an educational friendly environment. He has many times gone above and beyond to make sure our program runs smoothly.

Mid-Island school keeps meticulous attendance records and the grades always available promptly at the end of the program. The grades are delivered in a digital format that makes it easy to record.

I am fully confident that Mid-Island Driving School will be an asset to any driving program. If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me.

Dennis Kramer
Driver and Traffic Safety Coordinator

Hauppauge Public Schools

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure and without hesitation that I write this letter of recommendation for Mid-Island Driving School and Larry Germano. Hauppauge High School has used Mid-Island Driving School for many years in order to properly teach our students how to drive. As Assistant Principal of the high school I am the direct contact and liaison between the driving school and our students and our relationship has been friendly and highly professional with our students' needs always coming first.

At Hauppauge High School our students' safety is of paramount concern that extends beyond the classroom. With so many of our students coming of driving age and driving to and from school, it is our responsibility to educate our students in the proper manner in which to drive to ensure their safety while on campus in our parking lots and most definitely while on the roads as they are arriving and departing from school. Mid-Island Driving School shares our philosophy and has proven to be excellent in delivering driving instruction and producing defensive drivers that are quality, responsible individuals behind the wheel.

Furthermore, because of the sheer number of students involved in our program there have been many instances where Mid-Island Driving School and Larry Germano have made accommodations for our students and have been flexible with schedules in order to ensure that our students receive the highest quality instruction and are fit to handle a motor vehicle when the course is finished. Mid-Island Driving School is serious about there role in teaching people how to drive. They understand the enormous responsibility that comes with driving and instill that within their students.

Finally, as a father of two small children, there lies the inevitability that they will one day be driving a car. When that day comes, I will most definitely be looking to Mid-Island Driving School and trust in them to teach my children to be responsible, defensive, high quality drivers. It is without hesitation that I give Mid-Island Driving School my most enthusiastic recommendation.

Michael D. Caulin
Assistant Principal

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